About Jason

Jason Brickhill is an Australian designer, based in New York City, creating one-of-a-kind Holographic and Glitter Mosaic clothing and accessories.

Why Holographic and Glitter? Because of the beautiful reflections of light the materials produce. They celebrate the individual pieces of who we are, capturing the good energy around us, intensifying it no matter where we are, beaming our light to those around us and encouraging them to celebrate themselves too!

“We are all a mosaic of those who have affected us; touched us, inspired us, hurt us, and loved us. The pieces of our mosaic are supplied by others, but we are made by ourselves.”

This is the message behind Jason Brickhill's one-of-a-kind Holographic and Glitter Mosaic clothing. Every piece of the mosaic represents one person who has affected us and helped shape who we are today.

JASON BRICKHILL™ pieces celebrate the individual wearing them and are all hand-made by Jason himself in his Manhattan studio, so each piece is truly unique.


There are three cores to each


JASON BRICKHILL™ unique designs are made to excite YOU and spectators who view from afar.


JASON BRICKHILL™ pieces amplify your aura and the energy of your surrounding environment.


Designed to inspire self-expression and individuality, motivating drive for achieving goals.

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