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My path to sustainability

My path to sustainability

Compostable Mailers Jason Brickhill Packaging Sustainable Brand Eco Friendly Environment

We now ship with 100% Compostable mailers +
offset 100% of carbon emissions from shipping!!

As I continue to commit to sustainability, I’m so happy to now ship all products in these plastic-free, corn-based, 100% compostable mailers & recycled tissue paper. 🌱

I've also teamed up with Pachama to balance out the carbon emissions from shipping by creating positive environmental impact.


All Tees are now made with 100% premium SUPIMA® cotton. Made of extra Long Staple SUPIMA® Cotton grown in California under strict, quality controlled guidelines, the hand and feel of the new t-shirts is extraordinary.

All Sweaters and Sweatpants are made with 100% Organic Cotton. The cotton used is grown within global organic textile standards and certifications.

My path to sustainability is very important to me, and I’m excited to bring you all along the journey in 2021 and beyond!

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