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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

I personally want to wish you and your loved ones a very safe and happy Holiday, no matter how you celebrate.

As 2020 comes to an end, may 2021 bring peace and a truly new beginning.

Here's a look back:

Jason Brickhill at Black Lives Matter March in New York City NYC 2020
Black Lives Matter March, NYC, 2020
Jason Brickhill and Logan Browne at New York City Pride March 2020 NYC
Pride March, NYC, 2020
Jason Brickhill wearing Iridescent Cloud Tee on beach during sunset
Wearing JASON BRICKHILL Iridescent Cloud Tee on beach in Summer, 2020

Genderless Holographic Clothing - Jason Brickhill and Maria Diallo
The new genderless JASON BRICKHILL Holographic Mosaic Tee 2.0 and matching Shorts, 2020

JASON BRICKHILL Glitch Riders - ZVH Zah Realm of the Demons, Jason Brickhill, Sejung Lee
The Glitch Riders: ZVH, Jason Brickhill, and Sejung Lee, wearing JASON BRICKHILL GLITCH Collection, 2020

Jason Brickhill wearing new matching Glitter Glitch outfit - Glitch Sweater and Glitch Sweatpants
JASON BRICKHILL matching Glitter GLITCH Sweater and Sweatpants, 2020




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