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a GLITCH is occurring

a GLITCH is occurring

A glitch is occurring. Don't let the chaos consume you. Stare deep into your glitch and ride it.
#RideYourGlitch in these truly one-of-a-kind Glitter GLITCH Tees and Face Masks with shimmering, hand-placed glitch patterns. No one glitch is the same.



Jason Brickhill - GL1TCH Rider
Ryan Burke - Omniscient Being
Valerie Geffner - Voice of Omniscient Being
ZVH - GL2TCH Rider
Sejung Lee - GL3TCH Rider
Sofeia Eddy - GL4TCH Rider

A Cave of Wonders Production
with Popsicle Studios

Writer, Director, Editor: Jason Brickhill
Director of Photography: Ibai Vigil

Logan Browne
Jose Sibaja
Ibai Vigil
4 comments on a GLITCH is occurring
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    Hello guys. And Bye.

    neversurrenderboys ;)

    September 30, 2021
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