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Reflecting on Pride...

Reflecting on Pride...

New York City LGBTQ Pride Month 2020

I hope everyone had a magical Pride of togetherness, celebration, action, and RESULTS. This year has been a whirlwind for sure. This last month, especially, has given me a renewed sense of purpose, which had been fading in these dark times.

I've been asking myself:
“What am I doing to better our world?”
“What more can I do?”
“Am I fulfilling my true potential?”

Change is happening all around the world; the U.S. in particular. Good and bad. But the good is the result of OUR impact. OUR action. I’m going to continue to educate myself so I can teach others, taking action always and donating when I can, and making sure these issues continue to be highlighted until real change has been made.

Creating inspiring pieces that come alive from the energy around us is what I love doing. It is my purpose and artistic expression. I’m heads down on new designs and ways to continue inspiring and amplifying the magic of the moment. I said it louder and prouder for Pride this year with my ‘Loud & Proud’ and ‘Crystal Charm’ pieces. Can I go louder? YES! And I’ll keep getting louder!

Pride month may be over, but Pride is forever. Happy Pride to all my LGBTQ+ customers, allies and action-takers! Let’s leap into July with a renewed sense of purpose. Keep demanding change, because we will get it! Stay safe, keep motivated, and speak soon!

💖 Jason 🌈✨✨✨

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